I started out in Real Estate back about 1981 working for a real estate office in Vernal Utah.  I came to like working in real estate over time and became an agent and remained one ever since.   I went to work for Mr. Real Estate when we first moved to Canon City in 1985 and have worked for all the franchise companies (Coldwell Banker, ReMax, C-21,) over the years.   After working for other brokers for all those years I decided to start my own business, Home Town Real Estate of Canon City in 2010.    We purchased an existing business site at 1212 Main Street, set up shop,  and went to work.  Our office is actually a historic home retrofitted for business and once owned by Mr. Murphy of Murphy’s Poor Boy.

I’ve always enjoyed real estate as I like working with people and working to help others get into a good house that fits their needs. I really enjoy having started an independent business allowing me to get things done without the bureaucratic overhead;  simply focusing on the task at hand. My staff and I enjoy working together and our relationship is more like that of a family than of co-workers.

I’m very good at understanding all the tasks that need to be done and ensuring that every i is dotted and ever t is crossed.  We keep detailed and well organized records of every real estate transaction and if something is not getting done in a timely manner, we’re on it.   I’m not timid when it comes to addressing situations that others find unpleasant.   I’m there to make sure it gets done and I’ve been continually complimented over the years about this fact.  I also know how to negotiate a contract fairly and effectively deal with the multitude of issues that are common in any real estate situation.

JoAnn Grenard