Residential Real Estate: We are focused primarily on residential real estate in eastern Fremont County.  Rather than doing several types of real estate (commercial,land, rentals,or mountain property) we choose to focus on residential and do it better than anyone else in our area.  Some Realtors and real estate offices go after everything and in the process not do any of them well.  Although our focus is residential, we can do local commercial properties very well but not commercial businesses.

Experience: JoAnn has been working as a full time Realtor for over 30 years.   Kayla, Karrie, and Carla have many years of experience working part to full time for Home Town Real Estate and both Karrie and Carla are licensed assistants. In today’s world, real estate contracts require solid knowledge and experience and imagining that a friend or neighbor working part time as a Realtor has their clients best interests in their hands then think again.  A poorly written real estate contract can haunt a client for a very long time.  Our office staff cares about and supports each other and has the know how to get things done right.

Local Knowledge: We really know housing and neighborhoods in Canon City and in Florence. There are few houses that we have not been in at least once and we have a knack for remembering what we’ve seen.  JoAnn has a remarkable memory regarding details about houses that she has not seen for several years. Agents from outside the area or new to our community simply do not know our market and often make glaring errors to the disadvantage of their clients.

Record Keeping: We develop accurate and reliable files and take care of your information the way you would expect of a professional office to do and are proud of our record keeping.   We strive to keep quality paper and computer records and when called upon we can assist buyers and sellers years after a transaction.  Other Realtors and Real Estate offices often contact us when needing information about transactions they are working on, sometimes repeatedly!

Technology: We strive to keep on the cutting edge of computerization and technology pertaining to our business.  We maintain seven networked computers with the latest hardware and software to provide a solid platform to assist our clients and we know how to use what we have.   In today’s world this is important and you need to know that your Realtor has the tools needed to get the job done.

Listings: We work hard to provide as accurate information as we can regarding listings.  We measure property and generally develop floor plans to help describe the home. We also work hard to provide the best photography we can which is displayed in numerous online forums and is critical to enabling someone looking to develop interest.  We have extensive knowledge in local construction and understand what we are seeing.  All too often we run into listing agreements with missing or inaccurate information or poor photography and this can be a disadvantage to the seller or buyer or both.

Loans and Title Work: Understanding real estate involves understanding the details of how loans, mortgages, appraisals, title work, and inspections work.   This is where the “tire meets the road”!    It is common for many Realtors to sit idly by assuming all is working well but we’ve been in business far too long to believe that.  When things don’t go as planned, we find out where the problem is and take steps to correct it. There is nothing worse than someone packing their belongings only to see a last minute problem unravel a transaction.  Even with the best efforts though last minute problems do occur, we simply do the best we can to make sure this is as rare as it can possibly get.