Representation – Contract Negotiations

I have extensive experience and a very successful record probably in large part because we are skilled at honest and fair negotiations.  Here are a few of the more common negotiation areas where we can assist both buyers and sellers.

Understanding the contracts: We spend time with buyers and sellers so that they understand what the contracts say (or don’t say) and how and where negotiations take place.

On line Contracts: Our buyers and sellers have had really good success with online contracting.  We find it does a better job of keeping buyers and sellers informed and the technology is now in place to notify us when something needs to be addressed.  The online contract program also allows for much more client buyer or seller access that historically was provided.

Home Repairs: The need for repairs shows up from buyer inspections, property disclosures, appraisals, and most commonly from quality home inspections.  Negotiations for repair can take place on a number of levels and involve more than just buyers and sellers.  We assist on this every step of the way.

Mortgages:  We don’t negotiate terms of a mortgage but mortgage lenders have various requirements and a lot of variability in their timeliness and work processes. We can assist you with understanding the terms of your mortgage and getting your loan processing done in a timely manner.

Other Realtors: There are a huge variety of people with a real estate license.  Some of these are well schooled while others are inexperienced, untrained, or in a few cases unscrupulous. We negotiate on your behalf through this maze.

Government and Utilities: There are other requirements involved along the way of many real estate transactions including insurance, taxes, zoning, water shares, property boundaries, flood zones,  to name a few.  We are knowledgeable about who to talk to and how to resolve property issues.